1. Bow the Knee
    Chris Machen

  2. Thank you for the beautiful pictures
    Ginger Nobles

  3. Whimsical Thoughts

  4. You Can Know
    Craig Marvin Johnson

  5. Thank God I Am Free
    Ambassador Quartet

  6. Jesus, You Alone
    Craig M. Johnson

  7. Thanks Corona Virus
    Craig M. Johnson

  8. The Easter Song
    Arranger: Bradley Knight

  9. The Christmas Song

  10. We will remember
    Tommy Walker

  11. Christmas! We Remember, Rejoice, Worship

  12. Love So Amazing - Easter 2017
    TBC Choir

  13. George-Little Rock High School Christmas 2015
    George-Little Rock High School Music Department

  14. TBC Kids Christmas program
    Tabernacle Kids Choir

  15. Hope
    Lisa Werner

  16. TBC 2015 Easter Cantata

  17. Real Faith Demo

  18. Blankers Baby Dedication Track

  19. Songs for the choir
    One Way Quartet

  20. 12 Days of Windows Updates
    Joe Stanganelli

  21. Content Content

  22. Ten Penny Bit

  23. Ice On The Wires

  24. In the Pocket

  25. Catch a train to reality

  26. Trombone Slim

  27. Off Again On Again

  28. iDepositChecks.com Jingle
    Craig and Solomon Johnson

  29. TreeShell.com Radio Ad
    Jason Kraai

  30. Just Look At Those WORDS!

  31. a cappella
    One Way

  32. On Hold

  33. Christmas!

  34. Gospel Greats
    One Way

  35. Put Me Back On Hold!

  36. The Church Song
    Craig M. Johnson

  37. When the Blood Covers Your Tears

  38. Countrifried Licks

  39. Hold Please?

  40. Thank you for the beautiful pictures

  41. Love Divine
    Craig Johnson and Leland Paulsen

  42. The Girls of Fall
    Kenney Chesney

  43. Worthy Is The Lamb Soundtrack
    Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

  44. Faithful to the Cross
    One Way Quartet

  45. Beautiful Savior - Live
    One Way

  46. Manicure Monday

  47. Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
    Marvin and Mamie Johnson Anniversary Choir

  48. Here Comes The Bride bgm
    One Way

  49. TBC Easter Cantata
    TBC Choir

  50. The Way He Came 2

  51. The Way He Came

  52. The Calvary Way

  53. His Life For Mine

  54. Resistor Anthems
    Eric Skiff


Craig Marvin Johnson George, Iowa

Songs I like, songs I love, stuff I've produced,. Etc.

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